Our privacy policy page holds all the details that concern the use, disclosure and collection of your personal information with regards to the use of our service.

Your information will not be used in any form that is against the privacy policy stated below.

The personal information that you give us will only be used to improve the service that we provide you.


Identifiable information such as phone number, postal address, email address, and any other information may be requested from you. The need for identifiable information may arise when we need to identify you and directly get in contact with you.


The collection of log data is always part of the strategies that we employ to understand our service users better and provide the right service they deserve. So, when you make use of our service by visiting our website, we would collect log data or details such as; browser type, IP address, our website pages visited, the time spent on our website and any other information that we can obtain about your browsing behavior.

More so, the need to enhance our level of service delivery may require that we obtain other vital information using third-party services or applications such as Google Analytics. Third-party applications also come with their privacy policies that help to mitigate any form of abuse of the information that is presented to users.

03 Cookies

Cookies are unique anonymous identifiers that contain a small amount of data. Cookies are usually sent from a website to a browser, and the data is usually stored on a computer's hard drive.

It is possible for a service user to disable the functionality of cookies by restricting a web browser. Notwithstanding, enabling cookies on a browser would make it possible for a user to enjoy all the services that we provide.


The services of third party companies may be employed when necessary. The services of third-party companies may be required to enhance the result that we deliver. Third-party services may include the analysis of data, providing service on our behalf, an analysis of the performance of our service, and any other assistance that we may need.

More so, third-party companies would adhere to our privacy policy, so the use of your personal information would be limited to the purpose of the collaboration.


We understand that the authorities may request for your personal information when needed to handle legal issues, so we would abide by the law in providing your personal information to law enforcement agents as required by law. We value the integrity of our service, and always comply with the law when the situation is justifiable.

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Securing your personal information is vital to us because we need it to be a favorable option for our service users.

Notwithstanding, we would admit to the fact that the use of the internet and other channels of sharing information online may not guarantee 100% security.

So, we do not guarantee absolute security to all the information that we possess, but we do our best in utilizing commercial means of safeguarding your personal information and ensuring that it does not get into the wrong hands.


We reserve the right to effect changes to our privacy policy without seeking your consent. Any new update made on the privacy policy will be communicated to you and reflect on our privacy policy page.

The changes made to our privacy policy will be adhered to once it is posted on the privacy policy page. So it is advised that you periodically acquaint yourself with our privacy policy.

All information on the site is provided for informational purposes only. We do not call for any action. Only You are responsible for your decisions and possible financial losses.