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Bitcoin-bay Ltd. is an Artificial Intelligence Asset Management Company that uses the advance AI software tools to trade in Forex and cryptocurrency market to generate income for our investors. We are using deep learning techniques to train large neural networks to recognise patterns in data. Unstructured data learning from social media posts and news articles can provide unparalleled insight for developing trading strategies and profitable returns on investment.

Our Software can use large amounts of historic information when analyzing trading data in real-time, providing us with better insights into the market and helping us shape our trading strategy according to the current market’s volatility. Our Investment Managers, with the help Of our AI software, analyze the forex, cryptocurrency and other investment markets, and based upon those analyses, we Generate profitable and adaptive trading portfolios/strategies To be a leader means making safe decisions. Our business is risk-free from an investing perspective, not only due to the use of advanced trading technologies and a powerful expert team, but also due to investment areas diversification. Financial flows separation also gives great stability to our business.

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  • 30 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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  • +17189627628
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15% 24 Hours
min: $ 100
max: $ 499

Return capital available after 24 hours
Duration of deposit plan

45% 48 Hours
min: $ 500
max: $ 4999

Return capital available after 48 hours
Duration of Deposit plan

75% 168 hours
min: $ 5000
max: $ 100000

Return capital available after 168 hours
Duration of Deposit plan

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advantages gives our clients a great opportunity to invest their money into сryptocurrency at a definite interest and get their earnings back. The aim of our company is to provide you with prior services and to improve effective methods to promote the growth of your business in the most comfortable and cost-effective way.

Consider our benefits:

01 Info security

There is nothing to worry about your data. Thanks to our protection, it is always safe. Be sure we respect your privacy, that’s why our team shares the details of your business with nobody.

Data security Data security
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  • McAfee
  • GeoTrust
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Select a package and start getting crypto traffic right now. That’s all you should do. So, you can start your campaign within 24 hours. We will help to optimize it to get the greatest results.

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There is nothing simpler. You should only invest your money into cryptocurrency at a definite percentage and you can enjoy your constant, growing income. If you need, you can withdraw your earnings at any moment you want.

Stable income
The program of affiliation

Join and get advantages of our Program of Affiliation. It contains two highly awarding levels. It works very easy. Using it you will get a great opportunity to receive a lot of benefits.
You will instantly receive rewards after your partner sign up for Your referral link, and create a Deposit. Referral reward box, open Deposit with the balance charged. To receive referral Commission you need to have an active Deposit.

  • 5% For normal it is 5%-1%-1% absolute commission from customer invest.
  • 8% For representative, it is 8%-1%-1% absolute commission from customer invest.
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We take care of our clients’ business and provide them with high-grade services.
The united efforts in our experienced experts’ work, use of new strategies
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Fast earnings

To receive the earnings as soon as possible the only thing you should do is to join us and we help you to raise your capital.

Everyday income

There is nothing simpler to get daily income. Just make a Bitcoin, ETH mining investment and enjoy the profits.

The wide-world activity

Being attached to our team you can invest money and trade crypto all over the world.

Cooperation with the best staff

Our experts are well-qualified. They can provide you with a qualitative support consult you 24/7.

The dynamic development of the company

Our company is developing rapidly. Everyday more and more people join us. You also have a splendid opportunity to become a part of our common business.